Parents who use Verify-IMI Feel Reassured and Safe

The patients have told us that it is like using GPS.  Generations who used maps to navigate a trip always had some element of stress while traveling.  The modern GPS has virtually eliminated that stress.  Miss an exit?  The GPS will just reroute you.  Traffic?  The GPS will, again, reroute you.

Verify-IMI can “reroute” the care of the patient, as well.  With this, she can feel safe. The patients also feel there is an extra layer of safety with Verify-IMI checking everything, just in case something is missed by the OB. It doesn’t hurt to “have an extra set of eyes looking” after you and your baby.

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Verify-IMI, an Interactive Medical Intelligence system, is dedicated to providing the highest quality obstetrical risk mitigating system to the obstetrical patient.  Verify-IMI tracks and analyzes the information entered, from your medical and family history, your routine OB visits and laboratory test data which are put through complex medical algorithms and alerts you of any identified risks. This takes obstetrical care to a new dimension, which gives the data a critical interactive role.  You and your OB can discuss the risks in a timely fashion and make decisions of care to mitigate them.

In the USA, there are about 4 million births every year. Most are incredibly happy moments, but not all are. Unfortunately, thousands of pregnancies do not end well. Occasionally, harm occurs to the baby, mother, or both. To Verify-IMI, one is too many.

OB’s are human and humans are prone to make mistakes.  There really is no room for mistakes when it comes to pregnancy.  99% is not good enough when it comes to the well-being of your baby.  We believe Verify-IMI creates a system that dramatically reduces medical risk for the pregnancy, which optimizes the delivery of safe and efficient medical care to you, the obstetrical patient.

The absolute majority of OB providers are fabulous in what they do, but they are human, and we humans make mistakes. When you fly on a plane, for the majority of the time, the flight is managed by sophisticated computers to make the flight safe. We believe a sophisticated computer system should help manage your pregnancy, as in the airline industry. That system is Verify-IMI.

You should trust your OB but Verify with us.




Problems…Wait…What Problems?

An actual letter from an OB Chairman:

Dear Colleagues:

Our neonatologists are concerned that fetal abnormalities found on prenatal ultrasounds are not being transmitted to them.

In many cases they are not even mentioned in the patients chart.

Two recent “near misses” have highlighted the problem- one involving a suspected cardiac anomaly, the other hydronephrosis. In NEITHER case did the relevant information appear in the patients chart, nor were the neonatologists informed by the delivering OB or L&D staff. In both cases one of the parents informed them of the abnormal prenatal findings (albeit quite inaccurately), shortly before discharge from the Nursery. Baby #1 required emergency surgery for critical coarctation of the aorta; baby #2 underwent emergency surgery for an obstructing ureterocoele. These are the ones they know about.

Please be sure that abnormal finding that may affect the immediate post-partum care of the infant are adequately documented in the chart or, at least, communicated verbally to the neonatal group.

Thank you,

Chairman, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Both doctors’ electronic medical records had nothing about those babies having a known birth defect that needed attention right after birth. Thank goodness, for each instance, the pediatricians were able to determine a problem existed and, then, to identify the exact problem and quickly attend to it.  But, why take a chance?

Risks…Wait…What Risks?

One example of a risk:
D.C. was a 24 year old Jehovah Witness pregnant mother, due March 21,2015. She was a devout Witness and declined any blood transfusion even if it meant her life.

Verify-IMI’s incredibly powerful risk algorithms cited several risks for her to develop postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding after birth) and advised us to be ready at delivery. We made sure we were ready.

A major risk for morbidity and mortality at birth is not being prepared for an excessive bleeding episode. That was not going to happen with our patient! The mother underwent an indicated cesarean section. All went well with the
surgery and delivery.

However, about half an hour later in the recovery room, she developed an impressive bleeding episode. We were prepared; corrective actions were taken immediately. We had all the medications needed at the bedside.

We were prepared. Because of early recognition, appropriate resources were available. The bleeding was stopped and she did not become anemic.

Postpartum hemorrhage is an obstetric emergency and is one of the top five causes of maternal death in the US. Verify-IMI alerted us to her risks; we were ready to avert a disaster. A true case.

Trust your OB, but VERIFY with us

Verify-IMI analyzes your medical history, laboratory data and information collected at your clinician’s routine Ob visit, in real time.

Recently, Time magazine listed medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the USA.

Verify-IMI conducted a study recently where 1,000 patient obstetrical charts, from respected practices, had the chart information entered into our Interactive Medical Intelligence system. Our system identified 388 errors or omissions (that is more than 1 in 3 pregnant mothers), a much higher than expected rate.

Patients should trust their clinician and medical charting system for the care of their developing baby.  They should be involved in their care.  They should not be afraid to ask questions.

Clinicians are humans, and humans make mistakes. There is no room for errors in the obstetrical world.

It is recommended that clinicians use an interactive medical intelligence system to optimize the delivery of care to the developing fetus and mother.

Verify-IMI will show her what risks she has so she may discuss with her clinician so as to maximize a healthy outcome.

My Changing Body

When a female becomes pregnant, she will undergo many changes to her body that will enable a baby to develop and grow inside her for about 266 days. Physically, chemically, and functionally she must change to allow this to occur. This is a most wonderful, and sometimes confusing, time in your life. Whether it be the first pregnancy, or not, many questions for the expectant mother typically come to mind.

As we journey with you through your pregnancy, Verify-IMI would like to help answer some of your questions and to educate you.  Verify-IMI will also take you through your baby’s development.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! We at Verify-IMI are thrilled to travel with you through your pregnancy.

Think of us as a resource and a security blanket. As a resource, we will be explaining the development of your baby from the beginning until delivery. Every day when you log on, you will see new changes in the baby, as they happen. This is medically and fully accurate.

About Verify

This is an automated, decision, support and documentation system to track, verify and guide the pregnancy towards a successful birth.

It is designed to substantially reduce risks while improving care.

The field of obstetrics is the field with the highest amount of risks.

Unlike other systems, Verify is singularly focused on risk reduction and optimizing clinical outcomes.

Patients and clinicians can team up to address risks before they become an issue.