Follow Your Pregnancy

By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

Verify-IMI, an Interactive Medical Intelligence system, is dedicated to providing the highest quality obstetrical risk mitigating system to the obstetrical patient.  Verify-IMI tracks and analyzes the information entered, from your medical and family history, your routine OB visits and laboratory test data which are put through complex medical algorithms and alerts you of any identified risks. This takes obstetrical care to a new dimension, which gives the data a critical interactive role.  You and your OB can discuss the risks in a timely fashion and make decisions of care to mitigate them.

In the USA, there are about 4 million births every year. Most are incredibly happy moments, but not all are. Unfortunately, thousands of pregnancies do not end well. Occasionally, harm occurs to the baby, mother, or both. To Verify-IMI, one is too many.

OB’s are human and humans are prone to make mistakes.  There really is no room for mistakes when it comes to pregnancy.  99% is not good enough when it comes to the well-being of your baby.  We believe Verify-IMI creates a system that dramatically reduces medical risk for the pregnancy, which optimizes the delivery of safe and efficient medical care to you, the obstetrical patient.

The absolute majority of OB providers are fabulous in what they do, but they are human, and we humans make mistakes. When you fly on a plane, for the majority of the time, the flight is managed by sophisticated computers to make the flight safe. We believe a sophisticated computer system should help manage your pregnancy, as in the airline industry. That system is Verify-IMI.

You should trust your OB but Verify with us.