Problems…Wait…What Problems? (Revised)

After Chairman, the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology should have:

Both doctors’ electronic medical records had nothing about those babies having a known birth defect that needed attention right after birth.  Thank goodness the pediatricians were able to determine a problem existed and determine what the problems were and quickly attend to it.  But, why take a chance?

Verify-IMI – What, Why, How, When, and Where

What it is:

IMI = Interactive Medical Intelligence, a decision support system.

Why it is needed:

It has been used to address top obstetrical problems in thousands of patients with remarkable success.It alerts the clinician to:
  • Clinical errors
  • Abnormal trends, for antepartum and for labor and delivery


How it works:

There are numerous proprietary analyzing algorithms, which are triggered by:
  • Patient medical history
  • Laboratory test results
  • Ultrasound results
  • Biometrics entered throughout the pregnancy
We use an up-to-date relational database structure that is flexible and robust. It is quickly updated with new algorithms as medicine changes.
Using your community’s standard of care, Verify-IMI stratifies the level of care based on identified risks and offers clinical suggestions.

When it is used:

Verify-IMI starts working from the first antepartum visit until delivery.

Where it is used:

Can be used with any device connected to the Cloud.

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For Mothers to Be – What, How, Why, When and Where

What it is:

It is an app to keep mother and baby safe.
Useful sections in Verify-IMI:
  •        Baby’s Development
  •        Mother’s Changing Body
  •        Nutrition
  •        Baby Name Book

Why it is needed:

Its purpose is to identify risks to the mother or baby so your OB can address them early. No one is perfect and no OB care is perfect, so why not go the extra mile and give baby the best chance to a great start with precision OB care?

How it works:

The system tracks YOUR information to guide YOUR pregnancy.  This is accomplished by:
  • Completing the simple questionnaire to start and then, again, after each of your doctor’s visits
  • Labs are listed when they are typically done
  • You enter the results in the simple lab questionnaire
  • A risk list may be created based on the office visit and lab results by Verify-IMI
We encourage you to discuss these risks with your OB

When it is used:

It can be used from your first pregnancy visit until the delivery of your precious baby.

Where it is used:

On any device connected to the Cloud



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