Parents who use Verify-IMI Feel Reassured and Safe

By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

We have not offered Verify-IMI to patients until now. Patients whose obstetricians have used Verify-IMI have felt reassured.

The patients have told us that it is like using GPS.  Generations who used maps to navigate a trip always had some element of stress while traveling.  The modern GPS has virtually eliminated that stress.  Miss an exit?  The GPS will just reroute you.  Traffic?  The GPS will, again, reroute you.

Verify-IMI can “reroute” the care of the patient, as well.  With this, she can feel safe. The patients also feel there is an extra layer of safety with Verify-IMI checking everything, just in case something is missed by the OB. It doesn’t hurt to “have an extra set of eyes looking” after you and your baby.

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