Risks...Wait...What Risks?

By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

One example of a risk:
D.C. was a 24 year old Jehovah Witness pregnant mother, due March 21,2015. She was a devout Witness and declined any blood transfusion even if it meant her life.

Verify-IMI’s incredibly powerful risk algorithms cited several risks for her to develop postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding after birth) and advised us to be ready at delivery. We made sure we were ready.

A major risk for morbidity and mortality at birth is not being prepared for an excessive bleeding episode. That was not going to happen with our patient! The mother underwent an indicated cesarean section. All went well with the
surgery and delivery.

However, about half an hour later in the recovery room, she developed an impressive bleeding episode. We were prepared; corrective actions were taken immediately. We had all the medications needed at the bedside.

We were prepared. Because of early recognition, appropriate resources were available. The bleeding was stopped and she did not become anemic.

Postpartum hemorrhage is an obstetric emergency and is one of the top five causes of maternal death in the US. Verify-IMI alerted us to her risks; we were ready to avert a disaster. A true case.