Verify-IMI - What, Why, How, When, and Where

By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

Verify-IMI is the first computer application that aids the clinician to follow a pregnancy from the first visit until the end of labor. Verify-IMI creates a safer environment for baby, patient and clinician (and hospital).

What it is:

IMI = Interactive Medical Intelligence, a decision support system.

Why it is needed:

It has been used to address top obstetrical problems in thousands of patients with remarkable success.It alerts the clinician to:
  • Clinical errors
  • Abnormal trends, for antepartum and for labor and delivery


How it works:

There are numerous proprietary analyzing algorithms, which are triggered by:
  • Patient medical history
  • Laboratory test results
  • Ultrasound results
  • Biometrics entered throughout the pregnancy
We use an up-to-date relational database structure that is flexible and robust. It is quickly updated with new algorithms as medicine changes.
Using your community’s standard of care, Verify-IMI stratifies the level of care based on identified risks and offers clinical suggestions.

When it is used:

Verify-IMI starts working from the first antepartum visit until delivery.

Where it is used:

Can be used with any device connected to the Cloud.

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