By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  This beautiful new life is truly a miracle and your contribution to humanity.

We are thrilled that you have decided to sign up so we can travel through your pregnancy together.

Verify-IMI is a wonderful medical checking system designed to help guide mothers like you safely through the pregnancy.

We have designed the system to be intuitive, easy to use and full of information.

Just answer the questions the first time you sign up.  This may take 10-15 minutes and is very comprehensive.  As you answer each question, Verify-IMI is analyzing all the information entered via countless algorithms to catch potential problems. It will alert you of any potential risk and create a list  to discuss with your OB.

Once all the questions are completed, you may look at the risk list, and enter any additional questions you have for your OB at your next visit.  At that visit, simply enter standard information in your visits section so that Verify-IMI can analyze your physical progress (weight gain, blood pressure changes, etc.).

Standard testing is already listed in the Testing tab with the typical date range these are performed.  Any additional testing ordered by your OB can be selected from a comprehensive list of OB testing. When these test results are known, simply enter the results, which will be analyzed by countless algorithms specific for your pregnancy.

Enter your next OB appointment or testing date and Verify-IMI will send you reminders so you do not forget.

There are several sections that are full of information: (1) baby’s development (what the baby is doing that day), (2) your changing body (what is happening to you now), (3) maternal nutrition (dos and don’ts) (4) a baby name book (5) a convenient mom’s journal where you can either write or talk into your phone to record your thoughts of the moment (6) access to your baby registry (7) getting ready for baby tab, with suggestions what you should do or have prior to baby’s arrival (8) your pregnancy photo album.

You will be able to share information with the father of baby, family and friends.

Remember, most OBs in this country are great in what they do.  But they are human, and humans make mistakes and forget things. They are not perfect and outcomes are not always perfect.  But, this is your pregnancy and your baby and it has to be as close to perfection as possible.  Verify-IMI was developed with all this in mind to achieve such a goal. We will work with you and your OB,  so

Let’s have a great pregnancy and incredible baby!