How it Works

By Gerard Pregenzer, MD

Verify-IMI has been specifically designed to protect the baby and mother from conception till delivery.

Verify IMI does this by analyzing, in real-time, a patient’s medical history, laboratory data, and information collected at her clinician’s routine OB visit. Hundreds of algorithms are seamlessly used to analyze if risks are present and alert both you and the clinician, so as to take timely action.

Recently, Time magazine listed medical errors as the Third leading cause of death in the USA

Verify-IMI conducted a study recently where 1,000 patient obstetrical charts, from respective practices, had the chart information entered into our Interactive Medical Intelligence system. Our system identified 388 errors or omissions, a much higher than expected rate. One can only imagine what kind of problems for the baby have occurred that could have been prevented.

Patients mostly trust their clinician and medical system for the care of their developing baby, and they should. Patients also should be involved in their care, and should not be afraid to question.

Clinicians are humans, and humans make mistakes. There is precious little room for errors in the obstetrical world.

It is our hope that clinicians would use an interactive medical intelligence system to optimize the delivery of care to the developing fetus and mother.

Verify-IMI will be launching very shortly a version for each pregnant mother to use and follow her pregnancy.

This will show her what risks she has so she may discuss with her clinician so as to maximize a healthy outcome.