VerifyIMI is designed to mitigate obstetrical risk.  It will help hospital, doctors and patients by improving clinical outcomes while reducing or eliminating the legal risks of professional liability.

It facilitates a transition from traditional paper charting of obstetrical care into a totally paperless environment.  VerifyIMI does this by utilizing a state of the art relational database with proprietary algorithms to mitigate obstetrical risk.  Verify-IMI analyzes the patient’s history, physical exam and laboratory data, in real time, and determines if recognized risks exist.           If risks are identified, queries are prompted to the clinician.      All risks are then displayed on the patient’s home page, so as to be practically impossible to miss or be ignored.

Many have considered Verify-IMI to be a real “game changer”, because it makes ignoring risks extremely difficult.  Verify-IMI makes it very improbable for a clinician to deviate from the standard of care (since “deviation” is the criterion for establishing a medical malpractice case) thereby protecting the clinician and hospital.