For Hospitals

Clearly, the greatest liability risk for a hospital is the obstetrical unit.  A nightmare for a hospital administrator is to hear Risk Management being “paged” to Labor and Delivery.

Verify-IMI is designed to protect both hospitals and physicians.  We practically force clinicians and labor and delivery units to adhere to the standard of care, thereby eliminating the key element in medical malpractice claims.  Requirements for successful malpractice litigation are proof of (1) deviation from the standard of care and (2) that the deviation from the standard of care caused harm and (3) damages.  If there is no deviation from the standard of care, there is no viable malpractice case.  This is a critical, essential feature of Verify-IMI, and one that we believe the field of obstetrics needs.

Not only does Verify-IMI protect hospitals and clinicians from medical malpractice claims, it protects the baby and mother from conception till delivery.